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EMI Cards

Now simply Swipe, Sign and Buy any consumer durable or life style product of your choice with your EMI (Existing Member Identification Card), only from Bajaj Finserv Lending.No need to gather another set of documents or go through the process of applying for a loan.

If you are an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv Lending, you can opt for our EMI card.

Just walk into any of our partner consumer durables or life style product outlets across more than 90 cities in India with your EMI card,(You can apply for an EMI card with our consumer durable & lifestyle products loan. If you are an existing customer you can also apply for EMI card online fromyour Customer Portal login) swipe your card and walk out with your favourite consumer durable or life style product.

Our Advantages

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Features and Benefits

We deploy technology and apply innovation to create unique and compelling propositions that help you do what you always wanted to do. Hereunder are a host of unique features and benefits that you enjoy with EMI Cards from Bajaj Finserv Lending. Read on to know more:

Pre-Approved eligibility
The EMI card carries a pre-approved loan in your wallet. You can avail of your loan facility to purchase any consumer durable & lifestyle product of your choice.

Instant approval
Simply Swipe, Sign and Buy with your EMI card. The moment you swipe your card, you get instant approval, subject to the amount pre-approved for you.

Minimum documentation
For using your EMI card, you don't need to give any documents. Your EMI card carries all the necessary information required.

Preapproved Offers
As an existing customer, you get exclusive preapproved offers from time to time across a host of our partner retailers and manufacturers.

Online Account Access
Get all information about your loan like repayment track, interest certificate, payment schedule etc through our digital customer portal. Just log in with your loan account number and access whatever information you want about your loan.

Eligibility and Documents

EMI Card is issued only to our existing customers

Only the following documents are required for getting your EMI card:

  • Open ECS mandate duly signed (Open ECS is same as other ECS with an extended period so that you don’t have to give fresh ECS for your purchases in future.)
  • One cancelled cheque
  • KYC formalities (valid photo id proof and address proof)

Fees and Charges

All you have to pay is a one time charge of Rs.249 (to enjoy lifetime membership of EMI card).

How to Apply

You can apply for your EMI card at the time of the purchase (or through your Customer Portal login on our website, if you are an existing customer of consumer durable loan or lifestyle finance). Your EMI card will be sent to you after four months of your being on board with us. You can opt for the following ways to apply:

At the point of sale while buying your consumer durable / life style product:
You can sign up for your EMI card when you buy your consumer durable through any of our retail partners. Your EMI card will be sent to you after 4 months of loan repayment, subject to timely repayments of your loan installments.

Online through Digital Customer Portal:
You can apply online anytime through our customer portal. Make an online payment of Rs.249 and your EMI card will be sent to you within 7-10 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EMI card?

Bajaj Finserv Lending EMI card is a pre-loaded card with a pre-approved * Consumer Durable & Lifestyle Product Loan. You can use this card to buy your favourite consumer durable (or lifestyle products) at * by simply swiping your card at our partner retail outlet

*0% option available on select products/ brands / dealerships, and may vary from time to time as per scheme availability.

What is the loan amount on the EMI card?

The pre-approved loan amount on your EMI card depends on the loan amount assigned to you by BFL at the time of your taking a Consumer Durable or Lifestyle product loan. This loan amount varies from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,25,000/- .

Where all can I use this card?

You can use the EMI card at any of our partner retail outlets across 65 cities in India.

Is this a credit card?

Your Bajaj Finserv Lending EMI card is not a credit card. It is Existing Member Identification card given to our existing customers who have availed of a consumer durable & life style product loan with us. This is a pre-approved card with a particular loan amount to give our customers the freedom to finance their consumer durable & life style products in minutes.

Can someone else use the BFL EMI card on my behalf?

For safety and security reasons, we recommend that only the card holder uses the EMI card for making purchases.

Do I get any dealer discounts / offers with this card?

Yes. You will be eligible for various dealer offers and promotions by our authorised dealers from time to time. These will get communicated to you via e-mail or SMS from time to time. This is in addition to the features and benefits you enjoy on your EMI card.

How do I repay the loan availed of on my EMI card?

The consumer durable loan availed of through the EMI card is like your existing consumer durable loan. You can repay the loan anytime, by paying your balance outstanding Installments through Equated Monthly Installments. In case you need more details, please feel free to write to wecare@bajajfinserv.in quoting your loan account number.

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How do I enquire more about the EMI card?

You can write to us at wecare@bajajfinserv.in, call us on 1800 209 5152 or visit our website on www.bajajfinservlending.in

How do I get my EMI card statement?

You can view your transaction details online on our customer portal. Simply log in using your username and password. Your Customer Portal login details are printed on the reverse of your EMI card. You can also write to wecare@bajajfinserv.in or call us on 1800 209 5152 to get the details.

Where can I get my Customer Portal username and password?

Your Customer Portal login details are printed on the reverse of your EMI card or by sending Customer Portal to +91 92275 64444 from your registered mobile.

Can I apply for an add on card?

Currently, we do not offer any Add-On cards option on your EMI card.

Do I need to pay a charge to the retailer for any transaction I make on the EMI card?

Apart from the one time EMI card fee of Rs. 249 charged at the time of opting for the card, you don't need to pay any additional transaction charges.

What is the validity of the EMI card?

Your EMI card vaild for 10 years from the date of issue. During this period you can use this card at any of our partner outlets to purchase a consumer durable. After 10 years of validity, card will be renewed on you request.

How do I change my mobile number, email or address given during the time of opting for the EMI card?

Simply write to us on wecare@bajajfinserv.in or log on to the online customer portal and make the necessary changes. Alternatively, you may speak to our Customer Service Executive at 1800 209 5152.

What should I do if my EMI card gives an error while swiping?

Our representatives at the partner outlet will be there to assist you. In case your problem is not resolved, please call us at 1800 209 5152.

What do I have to do to return the card physically?

In case you wish to return the card, kindly cut the card in two and return it to:
First Source Solutions Ltd, C/o EMI Card, Bajaj Finance Ltd., 4th Floor, Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office, Off Pune - Ahmednagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune - 411014

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