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Exclusive Products

Enjoy a host of special privileges and the benefits of our innovation breakthroughs. With EMI card, all you need to do to buy their next consumer durable is to swipe the EMI card across hundreds of our retail partner outlets and walk home with their object of desire. Flexisaver allows you to part prepay their loan and borrow it back anytime they want to. What’s more. You get preapproved special offers on personal loans, insurance, credit cards and lots more.

EMI Card

With EMI card, you can buy your next consumer durable with a simple swipe. There is no need for any additional documentation or to go through the process of approvals. Simply go to our consumer durables partner store, choose the durable of your choice, simply swipe your EMI card, sign on the slip and off you go.

All our existing customers are automatically eligible for the EMI card after three months of their purchase of a consumer durable on finance from us.

Want your EMI card? Opt for finance next time you shop for your consumer durable.


Our latest innovation is a true breakthrough in financial services. With flexisaver, you get the flexibility to not only pay back your loan anytime but also borrow it back whenever you want to. Add to that the additional savings of paying interest accrued only on the outstanding amount.

Imagine you had a loan of INR 20 lacs and wanted to pay back 5 lacs because of a recent gain in a business transaction. You can go ahead and pay back 5 lacs anytime without any prepayment charge. A few months later, you wanted to borrow it back to manage an urgent inventory situation. You can simply go ahead and borrow it back without the need for any documentation, approval etc.

This entire process is managed online without the need for any human intervention. Our existing customers can log into their accounts on our Customer Portal and manage their loan accounts the way they would like to.

Preapproved Loans and Offers

As an existing customer, you get exclusive and preapproved loans and offers from time to time. As a case in point, we offer preapproved personal loans of up to 10 lacs to our existing customers with proven repayment records. You don't need to go through the entire process to and avail of this preapproved loan like 123.

Besides personal loans, you get preapproved offers on Credit Cards and other products from our portfolio.